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In 2018 we opened Ireland’s first Road Safety Centre of Excellence where we plan to use immersive training teaching to save lives.

  1. Road Safety Experiences Driving For Work
  2. Road Safety Experiences For Transition Year Students
  3. Motorsport Safety Experiences

Driving For Work

Drivers learn advance driving skills including skid control, emergency avoidance, fuel economy and a host of defensive driving techniques.

T.Y. Experiences

Transition year students learn the seriousness of distractions in the vehicle while driving with immersive teaching techniques.

Training Rooms

Our training rooms give us the opportunity to grasp each persons level of understanding regarding safe driving.

VR Room

Virtual Reality is a new immersive teaching technique which gives each person the chance to experience what a real car crash is like.

Winter Driving / Skid Pan Training

Skid pan training is an essential driving skill. Each driver experiences driving on snow and ice/wet roads throughout the year.

Book Now

To book a date for your Road Safety Training call us on 047-89098 or email us @ info@roadsafetyireland.ie

Emergency Services Training

Motorsport Safety Training


Students get to test their skills on a reaction test challenge, learn about safe stopping distances, get an understanding about tyres and how they work, experience the seatbelt convincer where they experience a crash a 5kph.

Students learn what alcohol they can drink before being over the limit and if drinking the night before you may still be wel over the limit the following morning.

Students get to experience what it is like to be supported by your seatbelts in our 360 degree rollover simulator.

Using our F1 reaction test machine and learn the differences between a distracted collision and other collisions.

Thousands of crashes are caused every year by tired drivers. They are usually severe as a sleeping driver cannot brake or take avoiding action. This results in a high speed impact resulting often in serious injury or death.