The risk education for B driving licence comprises of two parts risk education 1 and risk education 2. After you have completed the education we will provide a certificate of Achievement for your insurance company.

Driving For Work Health & Safety Training

Risk Education 1

Based in Road Safety Centre – VR Room

Risk education 1 is about alcohol, drugs, seat belts and risky behaviour in general. This education gives you a knowledge into how alcohol, drug, fatigue and distraction can affect driving ability and how seat belts save lives. This is interactive, immersive learning, delivering the highest possible levels of retention of knowledge.

Risk Education 2

On Track – Skid Pan Training

Risk education 2 is about speed, stopping distances, seat belts, safety at junctions, roundabouts, and driving under special/difficult road conditions. This is a practical behind the wheel driver training that makes you aware of the risks and teaches you how to avoid falling into difficult situations and understand the importance of speed.

  • Car Rollover Simulation
  • Types of Tyres – Winter/Summer/All Season
  • VR Crash Experience
  • Reaction Test Stopping Distances
  • Bodyweight at Different Speeds
  • Mobile Phone Distraction
  • Drink & Drugs
  • Sobriety Test
  • Tiredness
  • 5KPH Crash Simulation
  • Seat Belts
  • Vehicle Safety Check
  • Winter Driving Training
  • Skid Pan Training
  • Types of Skids – Wheel Spin, Wheel Lock-Up, Counter Skid
  • Oversteer / Understeer
  • How to Control a Skid
  • Driving on Ice & Snow
  • Aqua Plaining & Fog
  • Emergency Brake & Avoidance Techniques
  • Dangerous Junctions
  • Stopping Distances
  • Skidding on Roundabouts
  • Speeding
  • Tyres – Thread Depth
  • Electric Vehicles
  • Safe Parking
  • Industry Specific Company Training Available