• Arrival & Registration
  • Divided into groups – instructor will decide on size.
  • Virtual Safety Experience & Road Safety Hall
  • Each group will take part in our immersive award winning VR experience. You are all in a car with a young driver who is distracted, driving rapidly and has a dangerous passenger without seatbelt. The music comes loud and you are immersed in the excitement of their trip. This trip does not end well, which is too often a reality. Other groups will be participating in focused activities targeting the fatal five as the Virtual Reality Experience is taking place.

The Fatal Five

Students get to test their skills on a reaction test challenge learn about safe stopping distances get an understanding about tyres and how they work, experience the seatbelt convincer where they experience a crash at 5kph.

Failure to wear a seatbelt is one of the leading causes of road crash deaths. Wearing a proper adjusted seatbelt reduces the risk of fatal or serious injury up to 50%. Students get to experience what it is like to be supported by your seatbelts in our 360 degree Rollover Simulator

With increasing numbers drink & drug driving is now a very serious concern. Our activities educate young people of the dangers:

  • Units of alcohol
  • Time for body to process alcohol
  • Effects of drink & Drugs
  • Drunk Vision Goggles

Students learn what alcohol they can drink before being over the limit and if drinking the night before you may still be well over the limit the following morning.

Thousands of crashes are caused every year by tired drivers. They are usually severe as a sleeping driver cannot brake or take avoiding action. This results in a high speed impact resulting often in serious injury or death.

Use our F1 reaction test machine and learn the differences between a distracted collision and other collisions.

All distractions:

  • Other passengers
  • Sat nav
  • Radio
  • Mobile/ hand held devices
  • Loose items in vehicle