Motorsport Risk Education

Drivers learn advanced skills including skid control, accident avoidance and what procedure to take in the event of a collision.

Risk Education 1

Classroom Based

All Motorsport participants, officials and volunteers.

This risk education for National B stage/ Forrest Rallying is about:

Risk Education 2

Track / In-Car Based

The risk education is geared towards National B and International Licence Holders.

  • Safety Equipment
  • Effects of alcohol & drugs
  • Correct seating, steering and pedal position
  • Reaction testing and effects of distraction
  • Tiredness
  • Common causes of collisions
  • Loose items in the vehicle
  • Accident procedures
  • Emergency exit from vehicle
  • Hans vs Hybrid system
  • Car Rollover and Emergency Exit
  • First aid
  • Tyres
  • SOS – OK Board
  • Speed
  • Stopping distances
  • Safety harness
  • Safety at junctions and chicanes
  • Dealing with crests and bumps
  • Driving under special controlled conditions
  • Wheel change procedure
  • Tyres
  • Mastering Understeer & Oversteer
  • Extinguisher training